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Southern California, 1987

A male child is born.
He proves to be a precocious and headstrong, if introverted, youth.
Time is spent devouring tens of thousands of pages of literature.
Little schoolwork is accomplished. This does not bother him terribly.
A camera is purchased in the spring of 2009.
Fifty-thousand some-odd exposures later, he is sort of pleased with himself.
Some days, that is.
August of 2011, a corporate job is abandoned, and a first roll of film is shot; Kodak Ultramax 400.
It remains to be viewed, saved instead for a rainy day. (Thanks Matt)

To me, the most fascinating aspect of a picture is not what you see, but indeed what you do not see.

Philip Samuel Martin

Los Angeles, CA

Documentary Photographer

Photo: Laura Sciacovelli